Märta Svensson - Famous Gospel singer

Märta Svensson is one of Sweden's most appreciated Christian singers, known from great TV shows and tours in many countries. She's one of today's very few singers with Christian music as a profession. Since 1983 has Marta been active as a singer.
In spring 1983 she graduated from Gothenburg University of Music with a Master of fine arts in music and voice. Her repertoire has a wide range, from easy tunes to advanced sacral music, but most often people would associate her name with Gospel music.
Welcome to Märta Svensson Her album debute, "Gospel - Joy for Life" (1984), was a real kick off for her career. Front page text and picture and articles two days in a row in one of Sweden's biggest news papers, "Expressen", as well as overwhelming critics meant a real break through. One critic wrote: "Marta adds heat to gospel". There was an immediate demand for her from churches and TV producers, and a TV audience of more than a million people saw her in Kjell Lönnås show "Green Summer". She also performed at the "Tonhallen" Concert Hall in Sundsvall, a bit north in Sweden, and in various early evening talkshows, as well as in great TV prodctions as "Einar Ekberg's most popular songs" with Hagge Geigert as host. She also participated with Jan Sparring, another popular Swedish Christian singer, in a Bible quiz show, five weeks in a row, each show watched by a million people. Marta has also performed a number of times in the popular TV programme "Minns du sången", the swedish version of am. Homecoming programes.
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